TV Production Crew Return Bell Board

Published : Wed 10th Oct Author : National Trust

An Edwardian bell board used to summon servants, was returned by chance to its former owner, seventy years later
Tracey Parker, Learning and Conservation Assistant, shows visitors one of the Polesden bell boards during a tour of the servant areas earlier this year / James Day
Steve Pugh, part of a TV production crew filming at Polesden Lacey last week, was surprised to find out that the previous owner of the house was Margaret Greville, Edwardian hostess and friend of royalty. In 1988, Steve was working on a film set in the former Guards' Club building in Curzon Street, Mayfair. At that time the building was in the process of being converted and the interior had been emptied of all fixtures and fittings. When Steve saw some bell boards about to be thrown out, he took one home with him and installed it in his kitchen as a decorative feature.
Over the years he often wondered who the Hon. Mrs. Greville referred to on the board was, but it was not until he arrived for work at Polesden that he realised that the bell board in his kitchen had once been in her London home.
Steve said "Although it has been a roundabout journey I am very glad that this small part of Mrs. Greville's life has found its way back to the National Trust and the house she lived in."