Partnering with the Hamish Ogston Foundation to fund heritage skills apprenticeships

Published : Thu 11th Aug

Working together with the Hamish Ogston Foundation, we’re launching a new apprenticeship scheme to train people in key heritage skills such as stonemasonry and carpentry & joinery.

The Hamish Ogston Foundation is a charitable organisation, established in 2019, to provide support to projects relating to heritage, health and music. Concerned by several years of rapid decline in the traditional building and heritage skills sector, the Foundation has now donated £6.2 million for a new Heritage Crafts Apprenticeship programme, which we will run in partnership.

Robert Bargery, Project Director for Heritage at the Hamish Ogston Foundation said “We are delighted to partner with the National Trust to provide high-quality, fully-funded training opportunities for young people that will set them on course for a truly satisfying, long-term career. Historic buildings are among Britain’s greatest assets and some of the finest are in the care of the National Trust. This is a chance for motivated young people to leave their mark on them, literally, and help ensure that these priceless works of art and architecture are passed to future generations in the best possible condition. This is part of a £25m investment the Hamish Ogston Foundation is making in heritage skills training and we are proud to be taking the lead in delivering another project of real value to the nation in the Platinum Jubilee year.”

The programme will offer 52 apprenticeships in stonemasonry or carpentry & joinery, which will result in either a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification. Each apprentice will also benefit from a one-year post-apprentice work placement to further embed their skills and put their training into practice.

Apprentices will be trained by heritage skills professionals at one of the following places in our care: Attingham Park, Clumber Park, Cotehele, Fountains Abbey, Bransdale, Hardwick, Hughenden, Lacock Abbey, Lanhydrock, Lyme, Montacute House and Saltram.

By the time each apprentice has finished their training programme, they will have been employed by the Trust for between three and five years, depending on the level of their qualification. The length and quality of the apprenticeships combined with the work placements will mean individuals will have the skills needed to embark on a rewarding new career, either with the Trust or others in the heritage sector, and make a significant contribution towards saving the nation’s heritage.