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Battle-scarred castles, rugged coastlines, romantic cottages and acres of unspoilt countryside. All under threat. Our staff, members, volunteers and visitors protect and care for places so that people and nature can thrive. But they can’t do it alone. They need inspirational leadership to show them the way.

We ask some pretty big questions at the Trust. How can we ensure that everyone benefits from nature, beauty and history? How can we reach out to new audiences while still staying loyal to our supporters? Our managers are helping us to answer them. They define our business plans, so we know what success looks like and can recognise when we get there.

They’re keeping our teams motivated day in and day out. It’s a pivotal role. It’s about variety, responsibility and then some. Whether you join us as a General Manager, a Head of Department or in another managerial role, you’ll be the vital link between people, places and our wider strategy.

Every penny of our profit goes back into our work. So we need talented people with sharp commercial minds who can lead and inspire to continue bringing people and places together. This isn’t a case of caretaking or making sure things tick by. With central support, you’ll be challenged to run, develop and grow a successful business. You’ll keep costs down and profits up. You’ll put people at the heart of everything you do. This is no small task, it’s one huge career opportunity.

Typical roles

We have lots of great management opportunities across the places we care for, our regional and central offices, and outdoor spaces. These include Operations Manager, Property Manager, Assistant Director, Regional Manager – and that’s just to name a few.

General Manager

Leading a team of department heads, you’ll develop innovative ways to engage our supporters, deliver great experiences, and meet our conservation requirements across a portfolio of places and spaces.

Consultancy Manager

You’ll lead and develop a multi-disciplinary team, bringing the right expertise to bear across our work and projects. You’ll build collaborative teams and networks, and work in partnership with a number of property General Managers, shaping business plans and project pipelines. You are a champion of innovation, sharing learning and scaling up good practice.

General Management people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Consultancy Manager

    As a Consultancy Manager for the National Trust, I’m in the fortunate position of working with an incredibly talented team of individual, passionate specialists. I can’t believe that I have a role within an organisation which is so fully committed to making meaningful change for people and planet.

    I am proud that the organisation is focused on stepping into difficult decision making and conversations, to challenge how we all connect and care for the natural and historic environment, and the impacts of our changing climate. As a Consultancy Manager, I really feel that my day-to-day work is making a difference to global issues such as climate change and the decline in nature, which I feel passionately about.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend this role to anyone who wants to step into a place of work, where you can be part of, lead parts of, and fully contribute to making a positive difference for all.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Consultancy Manager

    Consultancy in the National Trust lies at the heart of making improvements to our special places for everyone, for ever. As a Consultancy Manager, I have a unique opportunity to lead and influence people, teams and projects that deliver changes across our sites, from curatorial enhancements to our historic houses, accessibility improvements to our parks and gardens, and environmental gains to our landholdings. No two weeks are ever the same, and I get to work at some of the most incredible and iconic locations. It’s such a privilege to know that the work I lead on will be beneficial to our visitors for many years to come.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    General Manager

    Being a General Manager is the most rewarding leadership role for someone driven by connecting people with places. It is equally strategic and full of daily collaborative problem solving across all of the National Trust’s strategic areas delivered throughout the operation.

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