Lola: Food and Beverage team member completing Hospitality Team member level 2 apprenticeship

Published : Thu 17th Feb

Lola joined our head office team straight from school and is enjoying working in our staff members café. She wanted to do an apprenticeship rather than go to college so she could learn on the job and is now an integral part of the team.

Why did you first choose to apply for an apprenticeship?

I wanted to do an apprenticeship rather than go to college so I could gain suitable hands-on experience.

Best thing about the apprenticeship?

Good hours, great people and staff benefits such as meals and entry to properties.

Any challenges?

Remembering to put table numbers on the orders and learning where all the buttons are on the till. Also, Latte art is much harder to learn than I expected.

Have you done anything that you didn’t expect whilst on your apprenticeship?

Having to learn the dishwasher, I hadn’t realised this would be part of a hospitality role.

What are your plans for the future?

My ambition is to own a Brunch & Bakes café.

Any advice for anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

Don’t be nervous and just go for it, it’s much better than college. You are being paid to gain the experience you require and gives you a good structure and routine.