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We’re working hard to tackle the climate and nature crisis. Our countryside teams deliver for nature, people and climate every day. Come and play your part.

The great outdoors don’t stay great on their own. Nor do they share their own stories. That’s where our landscape loving, hard-working Countryside teams come in. They’re responsible for the day-to-day management of the great outdoors: delivering great work in nature conservation, mitigating climate change and ensuring our visitors have a great experience.

We’re a team of skilled professionals in countryside management, working on the frontline for the benefit of nature, climate, people and heritage. Our role is crucial, and for many visitors we’re the Trust’s representatives on the ground. We ensure that our wildlife and habitats are thriving, our visitors enjoy their time with us and we share a real passion for the natural world.

Ultimately, our work is closely linked to climate change, as the single biggest threat to the health and vitality of the nature around us. Success for us means success for everyone, and the planet.

Join us and you’ll work in some of the nation’s most wild and wonderful places and spaces. Come rain or shine, your love of the outdoors will inspire others as you strive to ensure that landscapes are beautifully presented and continue to take our visitors’ breath away.

As you can imagine, this is a broad and hugely important area of the National Trust, so there are many roles you could join us in. As an Apprentice Ranger you could start your career by learning from some of our most experienced colleagues. Assistant Rangers, Rangers and Area Rangers deliver practical tasks on a daily basis while Lead Rangers and Countryside Managers support their teams with their management and leadership skills.

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities in Countryside Management across our special places, regional and central offices and outdoor spaces. These include Assistant Ranger, Ranger, Area Ranger, Lead Ranger and Countryside Manager – and that’s just to name a few

Apprentice Ranger

The starting point to a rewarding career as a countryside ranger. Receive all the training you need while being paid to learn and work alongside our expert rangers. 

Assistant Ranger

You’ll assist the team at our places to deliver great work in the outdoors, as you continue your career towards becoming a countryside ranger.


It’s all about being outside and getting your hands dirty, delivering vitally important nature conservation and public access work.

Area Ranger

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day management of our places and the delivery of public benefit and nature conservation gains.

Lead Ranger

Leading a culture of exceptional service across your team of rangers, you’ll protect and enhance the conservation of our properties, while delivering an outstanding visitor experience.

Countryside Manager

You’ll be responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of the National Trust’s outdoor places. Leading a large team, you’ll deliver landscape scale nature conservation and enable people to connect with those landscapes.

Countryside people

  • Volunteer Margaret



    As an assistant ranger, I help with all aspects of work being carried out on the Killerton Estate, from herding highland cattle to orchard pruning and apple pressing! It’s fantastic to be able to get involved in so many different tasks, as I’m constantly learning and no two days are ever the same. I couldn’t recommend working for the National Trust enough, there’s no other place like it!

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Assistant Ranger

    I am part of a small friendly team at Wenlock Edge, an 18 mile escarpment with ancient woodland, limestone grassland and Hazel dormice, and I love that this stunning place is my office. My job is so varied, I could be felling trees, engaging with visitors, leading volunteers, surveying the wildlife, posting on social media and much more. I’m also a Ranger Champion which is an amazing opportunity for professional development and for shaping and supporting the delivery of organisational strategies.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    Working as a ranger in the Lake District is such an incredibly rewarding job; I work every day in one of the most beautiful places in England, helping to care for nature and keep it a beautiful place for visitors to come and enjoy.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Area Ranger

    Delivering a shared long-term goal, enhancing and restoring our environment while helping people connect with it brings great satisfaction. All the while, I’m working alongside some of the most passionate people I’ve ever met.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Lead Ranger

    After 25 years I’m still challenged and surprised by this job! I love the variety and the fact my role allows me to shape the direction of the estate I manage. I’m also incredibly lucky to work with fantastic colleagues and experts in conservation management.

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