Lydia: Business Administration Level 3

Published : Thu 25th Jan

Lydia realised that studying at college was not right for her and has enjoyed the work life balance she gets through doing an apprenticeship.

Why did you first choose to apply for an apprenticeship?

I felt that there was more benefit in gaining experience while learning on the job. I tried college but I realised that I don't take anything in if I just sit and listen.

I was working a part time job while attending college, so all my time was taken. Being able to earn while learning appealed to me as it meant I could have my weekends back!

Best thing about the apprenticeship?

Work/life balance and being able to earn and learn. The National Trust also pay their apprentices really well, no matter your age. Everyone is really lovely, and always willing to assist with anything.

Any challenges?

A challenge that I found was trying to manage my apprenticeship work and my day job during the busier months. My team are really supportive, and always find a way to work around my deadlines.

Have you done anything that you didn't expect whilst on your apprenticeship?

I definitely didn't expect to have been able to participate in the planning of key events within my directorate. I really enjoy the events we hold within the Trust, and it's a great way to meet new people. My role is extremely versatile so there are loads of different things that I can get involved with.

How has the training provider/college supported you?

My apprenticeship coach has been extremely supportive throughout my time on the course. They are always just an email or phone call away, and there are loads of additional resources on the apprenticeship portal.

What are your plans for the future?

I have secured a role in my team for when my apprenticeship ends. I plan on staying at the Trust and gaining as much experience as I can. My role is really varied so I'm able to explore a lot of different areas, which then brings a lot of opportunity.

Any advice for anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

Just go for it! It is definitely the best decision I've made. Just make sure that you are able to communicate with your team when you need to prioritise your apprenticeship work. It's easy to forget you're an apprentice and get ahead of yourself but prioritise your studies as it will be worth it.