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We’re a famous charity brand that’s been on quite a journey, with vital work to do now and in the future. We’re standing up for nature, beauty and history, and we’d love you to join us and bring your own special skills to the cause.

The Communications and Marketing directorate plays a crucial role in the Trust. We tell the remarkable stories that come bubbling up from all the places we look after. We promote the mission and cause of Europe’s biggest conservation charity, and we show how everyone can get involved, everyone can make a difference.

So what’s next for Communications and Marketing? We’d like you on board, to help us to reach more people. Many millions share our founding belief that nature, beauty and history are for everyone: how do we speak to them? How do we show them that our work, and what we stand for, is relevant to them and matters to the world?

This isn’t transactional marketing. Yes, you’ll need to be disciplined and hardworking as well as creative and inspirational. But most important of all you’ll believe in this cause, in protecting and caring for places so people and nature can thrive. And whatever your role, you’ll have the power to make a genuine impact on the future of the National Trust.

What we've been up to

Ten reasons you’ll love working here

1. A common purpose, a clear ambition

  • Like everyone who works here, we believe in the Trust’s founding purpose to protect and care for nature, beauty and history, for everyone and for ever. We live in a challenging and changing world, and it’s vital that the Trust remains relevant in people’s lives, delivering public benefit to the whole of society.

2. You’re empowered to make big, exciting things happen

  • 'What I really love about the culture here is that there’s a real opportunity to influence what we do, and the way things are done, which I find hugely motivating. If you’re interested in something – whether it’s archaeological digs or learning a new skill – you’re encouraged to get involved.'

    Leanne, Communications and Marketing Planning Manager

3. Flexibility, fairness and forest adventures

  • We know you have important lives outside of work, so we’re fair and open when it comes to flexible working. And where else might you get to explore enchanted forests, castles and coasts in the name of research?

4. Lots of different projects, lots of different skills

  • 'There is never a dull day working here – since starting I've worked on everything from big brand partnerships to introducing beavers back into the wild. I learn something new about our planet and myself every day.’

    Kate, Head of Communications and Marketing for Consultancy and Operations

5. There’s so much to get excited about

  • 'When I started at the Trust I never dreamed that I'd have the opportunity to work on something like the Forthlin Sessions project. Hearing music at Paul McCartney's house was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I will never forget it.'

    Laura, Communications and Marketing Assistant Manager

6. We’re more dynamic and driven than dated and dusty

  • We’re the biggest conservation charity in Europe and we’re always looking to innovate and develop exciting new partnerships. We work hard to understand what motivates the multimillions of visitors and members, so we can offer bespoke experiences and give them even more reason to love – and support – what we do.


7. We work and celebrate together

  • There’s a huge variety of roles throughout the National Trust in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so you can almost guarantee a unique experience in your job. But we always act as one team and support each other.

8. A treasured brand

  • Our brand (or reputation) has been valued in the billions of pounds. It is a profoundly important asset for everyone who cares about the Trust and the cause we serve. Working for us means you can make a meaningful difference and love what you do at the same time.

9. We value individuality and fresh thinking

  • Everyone is welcome at the Trust. We come from different backgrounds, with a variety of perspectives and personalities, and we work collaboratively to bring great ideas to life. And we have fun doing it.

10. The Trust is now on its way to being the biggest membership organisation in the UK

  • ‘Our future goal is to ensure members and supporters can do the talking – speaking up for our mission themselves, in their own lives. We are finding new ways of helping them do this and we need a diversity of voices inside our team as well as in the outside world. I hope you’ll consider lending us yours.'

    Celia Richardson, Director of Communications and Marketing

Typical roles

There are many different opportunities in Communications and Marketing, working at a local level – in historic buildings or covering countryside sites, at a regional level as an internal consultant, or in our central offices. You can get involved with everything from photography to publishing, campaigns to communications and social media to brand identity. Here’s a snapshot of a few roles within our directorate:

Internal Communications Manager

You will provide strategic internal communications support to senior leaders and teams delivering some of the Trust's major programmes – including visitor operations and ‘Everyone Welcome’. You will advise on effective planning and how to create useful and inspirational content for a variety of audiences. You will also join up with external communications.

Marketing Delivery Manager

You will lead on marketing for specific programme areas, working closely with business areas and Communications and Marketing Leads. You’ll be accountable for leading projects, for campaign budget management and for identifying opportunities between programmes.

Head of Brand and Creative

You will lead the Brand and Creative teams to create integrated campaigns and crossfunctional activity that is greater than the sum of its parts. You will be at the heart of what our organisation does – fueling our brand ambition, imagination and personality.

Communications and Marketing Consultant

You will support operational teams at properties by directly managing and coordinating regional/country communications and marketing where appropriate (such as supporter emails, PR, website, paid-for media). You will monitor across channels and work with different layers of the organisation (local, consultancy and central teams), aligning to the Audience Plan.

Communications and Marketing people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Head of Innovation Development

    I love working for the Trust. It’s brilliant being able to work for a charity where I can truly believe in the cause and what we stand for, but with the scale to be able to deliver real change in the digital services we offer our members and supporters. I've never worked anywhere where there is such a positive outlook and a genuine feeling that we are all working together for something bigger than any of us individually. And much of that is down the talented and committed people who I get to work with every day. We challenge each other’s thinking and value diversity of thought and experience to get to the right solutions for our audience.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Senior External Communications Manager

    One of the things I love most about my job is the sheer variety each day brings.  One moment you might be sharing the brilliant work that our ranger and countryside teams are doing, from protecting rare butterflies to planning beaver releases, to the vital work we’re doing to help tackle the climate and nature crisis – whether that’s planting and establishing trees, restoring precious peatlands or ‘re-wiggling’ rivers.  Or, the next, you might be crafting statements and FAQs to brief spokespeople, or pitching ideas for a new TV series.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Social Media Executive

    Working for the National Trust means being able to champion a cause I believe in, while building a career in an industry I’m passionate about. We’re encouraged to be creative, tell inspiring stories and reveal hidden histories at the places we care for in an engaging way. We’re trusted as experts in our field and that knowledge lets us be strategic in our approach to fulfilling our charitable and commercial aims, all while providing value to our members.

Latest Communications and Marketing jobs

An iconic brand, an impactful in-house agency and an incredible story. The question is: how do we share our cause in the most compelling ways, to make sure that everyone feels emotionally connected with and inspired by what we do? This isn’t transactional marketing. It’s marketing with feeling. Marketing with a purpose. And as we continue to revolutionise how we do things, we need bright, imaginative minds to help lead us forward on this exciting journey of transformation.