Help to shape our work as an External Member on our Nominations Committee

Published : Mon 22nd Aug

At the National Trust, we’re not only committed to promoting and preserving places of natural beauty and historic significance for everyone, for ever, but also to becoming a truly diverse, inclusive organisation. 

Our strategy

We want to be there for everyone, for ever. Our strategy aims to tackle some of the most pressing challenges our planet faces in the 21st Century, such as the fight against climate change, and becoming a diverse and inclusive organisation that better reflects the times and communities in which we operate.

To aid our efforts, we’re looking for experienced, cause-driven and independent External Members to join our Nominations Committees. Our External Members play a crucial role in the selection of some of the Trust’s most senior non-executives, helping to shape the way the organisation is run.

Why consider the National Trust?

Volunteering as an External Member with our Nominations Committees, for 10-12 days per year as part of a five-year term, provides an invaluable insight into one of the UK’s leading conservation charities.

By providing impartial, objective advice to help our Nominations Committees make some of the Trust’s most senior non-executive appointments, their decision-making and guidance helps to ensure the longevity and continuity of the Trust for decades to come.

Given the significance of such appointments, we rely on our External Members’ experience in a non-executive role – across a variety of sectors – to provide an independent perspective and advice on best practice for senior non-executive selection and appointments.

In helping to ensure our processes are conducted in an open, transparent way, External Members can also support our efforts to become an organisation that values difference, includes everyone, and recognises the strength that stems from diversity. For us, it is vital that we reflect the diversity of the local communities we serve, and make sure that our colleagues and visitors alike can benefit from the nature, beauty and history we help to protect, preserve and showcase.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

External Members on our Nomination Committees – whether it’s through improving the diversity of our Board of Trustees or improving the accessibility and transparency of our processes – help us to create a truly inclusive culture at the National Trust.

Ultimately, our strategy begins with our own people. That’s why we want to make sure that everyone feels they belong at the Trust, and are working hard to ensure everyone feels respected, valued, listened to and empowered.

And, though we recognise we have a long way to go, we remain determined to be for everyone, for ever.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally, an External Member for our Nominations Committees will demonstrate independence and openness of mind – particularly when working as part of a committee.

With significant experience in a non-executive role across a variety of sectors – be it within the private, public, or voluntary sector – our ideal candidates will also be able to utilise their broad knowledge and range of expertise to improve and inform our decision-making.

Their experience and good judgement will ensure we appoint candidates who align with our vision, values, aims and objectives. As a result, previous experience of hiring inclusively – and utilising their unique insights to help organisations improve diversity at a senior non-executive level – is very much desired.

Previous experience as a member of a Nominations Committee is strongly preferred to ensure good non-executive appointment practices are followed at every stage of the process.

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