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We look after more land than any other private landowner: Everything from coastlines and clifftops, to woodland and wildlife rich meadows. So, as you can imagine, Estate Management in the National Trust is a vast and vital area of our work. It always has been and always will be.

For us, it’s never just been about the here-and-now. We protect and open up special places and spaces so they can be enjoyed by everyone, for ever. That’s been our core purpose since the day we were founded in 1895, and the 21st century brings many more new challenges for us to rise to. How can we make sure we’re delivering exceptional quality estate and rural asset management to places with such diverse conservational needs? How do we look after landscapes that are pride of the nation, while optimising income so we can continue our important work? How can we effectively manage our breadth of tenancies to the highest standards? Estate Management is at the heart of the National Trust’s new 10 year strategy and although we’ve achieved some amazing things over the years, with ever-evolving needs, it’s crucial that we continue to be innovative and forward-thinking in our approach, which is why we need the very best talent in Estate and Rural Asset Management.

We’ve recently redefined our strategy and made some revolutionary changes to significantly improve how we do things in Estate Management. And joining our talented team, you’ll build on these strong foundations and take on unique, interesting estate management work and associated projects that will undoubtedly shape the future of the National Trust and all the property it owns and protects.

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities in Estate Management across our special places and regional and central offices. These include Estate Manager, Rural Asset Manager and Estate Management Officer - and that’s just to name a few.

Estate Manager

You’ll make a real difference to the long-term wellbeing of our land as you help us deliver our modern progressive land management approach.

Senior Rural Asset Manager

Working with an incredibly wide range of assets across the country, you’ll make an important contribution to their future as you ensure that all of our assets are being used as effectively as possible.

Estate Management Officer

From updating property records to communicating with tenants, you’ll provide a variety of support that will help us to work smarter and secure the future of our land and buildings.

Estate Management people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Senior Rural Asset Manager

    Unlike working in the private sector, there's a lot more to Estate Management at the National Trust than just driving profits. These are the places and spaces that shape our countryside.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Estate Management Officer

    Estate Management at the Trust is a truly fulfilling area in which to work – partly due to the exciting plans we have for this area, but also due to how valued you feel as an employee here.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Lead Estate Manager

    I absolutely love being out in the fantastic countryside, working with great people to find solutions to interesting challenges and knowing that I'm working to deliver tangible benefits for the nation.

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