Our future, in your hands: Director opportunities in Land and Nature

Published : Mon 21st Aug

Protecting our natural environment and historic places has been at the core of the Trust for more than a century and we’ve always responded to the challenges of the time. Now, when we face more change at home and in the world than ever, we’re determined to continue to apply our critical research, conserve our heritage and natural environment and contribute solutions to the wise use of land for the benefit of current and future generations. We exist for ever, for everyone.

“What we do to the land, we do to ourselves”, wrote Wendell Berry, American poet, writer and environmentalist. Land with all the natural services it provides for us is in fixed supply. It ain’t made any more, as pundits have long said. Yet the demands that society, all of us, are placing on it are growing exponentially. Food, energy, water, buildings and transport are amongst some of the most basic of human needs. Somehow, between us all, we must find sustainable ways of providing them. This means limiting unnecessary consumption, avoiding waste, and harvesting our natural assets, not mining them. We need to live off the interest of our natural capital, not deplete the capital itself.

Our newly created Land and Nature directorate demonstrates our long term commitment to invest in the environment and the future of our properties. Our strategy is focused on responding to change and addressing the issues that affect the future of us all. Climate change is affecting our weather patterns, ecosystems and lives across the world - how do we adjust to the effect that it will have on the places we love? How do we protect our environment and provide thriving livelihoods for our farmers, who manage some 70% of our land, in a post-Brexit Britain? What changes do we foresee (and wish to influence) in food and farming? And of course what do we need to do to ensure that a diverse range of people are able to continue to explore experience and enjoy our cultural heritage?

Three senior directors will shape the Land and Nature agenda reporting into the executive director.

This is your chance to work with our already appointed Outdoors and Natural Resources Director and Land & Estates Director. Together they will combine delivery, innovation and evidence based decision making, to ensure we look after what we have and protect it for future generations.

Driving the future of conservation at the Trust, our new outward-looking leaders will ensure we’re able to maintain what we’ve got and future-proof it for the ever-changing world we’re living in.

It’s an incredible opportunity to play a huge role in making sure we leave the environment – and our special places and spaces – in a better state for the next generation.

This is your chance to leave to leave a legacy from which the whole nation benefits.