Let’s meet Louise Hearn from NT Polesden Lacey

Published : Tue 17th Jan Author : National Trust

I am currently based in the regional hub at Polesden Lacey. I have spent a lot of time job shadowing various members of staff across the region from meetings to inventory work in tenanted properties I am kept very busy. The placement has allowed me to achieve a lot in just 6 months but with all the support and help I have not felt pressured at work.  I have been helping with projects in the property, like sorting through Mrs Greville’s boxes of photographs in the store to assisting the Visitor services team with their Christmas craft activities. As my placement is CMS based (our online catalogue of objects) , I have spent time on the computer editing records and adding information which is now visible on the CMS website while dealing with the general technical issues that come with using any computer!

Back to beginnings - my first few blog entires, how time flies when your having a good time!

Intense, hectic but fun. Just three of the words I use to sum up my first two weeks with the National Trust. Starting work for such a large and well known organisation seemed scary at first, but with the friendly welcome and supportive colleagues I have settled into the role. Then came two days of training inSwindon, a daunting prospect even when it’s not in your second week, another new area and even more new faces. Trying to fit everything in a bag which could be classed as hand luggage is not the most joyous task to undertake, but I got there in the end…and toSwindonwithout being late. When I met everyone it was so refreshing to see people in the same situation as me and all very talkative, especially around the coffee machines, if you ever wish to break the ice it is the prime place to stand.  Many introductions and team activities later we discovered the joys of preventative conservation and housekeeping. Followed by a day of training on the collections database, with everyone firing up their laptops and overloading the network.  The activities were enjoyable and I got a lot from the experience, even if the surgery scene from Casualty was on TV in the lobby while we were all eating dinner thus providing a corporate insight into the world of Holiday Inn.  

 Polesden Lacey, the beautiful building which I am based at consists of corridors which are like rabbit warrens. I have wandered around finding my bearings and trying not to get lost, which often resulted in the discovery of other offices en route to the kitchen, for more cake. The office itself is lovely and contains a lot of the original features , it’s also larger than any office I have previously worked in and at times wish I had a compass to navigate my way around, feeling like I have conquered Everest when finding the meeting room where I am supposed to be first time.  

 The grounds are beautiful and I have become familiar with the permanent residents, grey squirrels and rabbits that dart around the gardens. The rabbits act like even they don’t want to leave the place, looking content grazing on the lawn, even if it is pouring with rain and all the staff are rushing around. Even now I am talking about the weather, but aside from the bad weather   I feel that nothing can beat the feeling of working in a beautiful location, close to nature and with people who support your work.

Republished by kind permission from the NT Passport To Your Future blog (http://ntpassporttoyourfuture.wordpress.com)