It's more than just a job...

Published : Wed 20th Nov Author : Steve Mulberry

After 35 years working at the National Trust, it’s more than just a job, it’s a part of me and who I am. I’ve always had a love of nature, history and the environment and I get to experience it all in equal measure here! I started out as a Warden/Ranger for the Exmoor coastal area and I’ve worked my up, across a number of roles, to General Manager of the North Devon Coast. It’s my job to coordinate and manage all properties across the area, overseeing staff, finances, projects and, most importantly, visitor experience. I have to balance the demands of the properties and protect our conservational needs. The properties welcome over 400,000 visitors each year so there’s never a dull day! It’s definitely unique. From moorlands and woodlands to beaches and coasts, I get to work in some fantastic places, meeting many different people and communities along the way.

There have definitely been some highlights over the years. I’ve seen decade-long projects through to completion, helped to restore whole farms and landscapes and been involved in some really interesting work. To this day, I’m still challenged – it’s so varied that I can still never quite be sure what’s going to happen next, but no matter what you come up against, you’re well-trained and thoroughly supported. There’s a real warmth about the organisation. Getting to work with such great people, from staff and volunteers to members of the public, is one of the highlights of working at the National Trust. And because we’re at the heart of the local community, we can make a difference to the environment and for the people who live here.