How insight will shape one of the UK’s most iconic brands

Published : Fri 8th Jan Author : Jackie Jordan, Director of Brand and Marketing

At the National Trust, we've reached an exciting and innovative chapter in our history. We firmly believe in our cause – to look after special places for ever, for everyone. Our work in protecting our built heritage, environment, countryside and coastline is vital. And we can only do this by continuing to inspire the nation with a passion for the places they love.

Our numbers are impressive; we have over 4.6 million members, with 17 million visitors to our properties last year, with a further 50 million enjoying the free, open spaces in our care. Each year we have around 35% of visitors who spend money in our shops and about 75% of visitors who eat in our cafés and restaurants. Imagine how powerful it would be to understand deeply the behaviours and motivations of these millions of people, so we can offer truly bespoke experiences. We want to offer them even more reason to love what we do, so they can support us (both financially and with their time) so we can continue our vital work. Now, we have the infrastructure and capability to do this.

Our new Insights team sits at the heart of our organisation. We've built a team of expert data scientists who now work alongside our talented existing insight professionals – all of whom are critical to our future. We've been busy consolidating all of our data into a single data warehouse. We've invested millions into new technology and systems that allow us to collect, access and view this data. And now is the time for us to become truly an insight-led organisation which can offer personalised experiences for and build meaningful relationships with every one of our supporters.

Insight, in its true sense, will sit at the core of our organisation. Insight will drive our marketing strategy. It will help our leaders make important business decisions. It will guide the development of our already much-loved brand and help more people connect to our important cause.