From music producer to National Trust Marketing & Communications Officer

Published : Mon 2nd Nov Author : National Trust Recruitment Team

Since joining us at Tyntesfield as a Marketing & Communications Officer, Peter Hall has been doing a brilliant job. We caught up with him to talk communications, carpets and changing perceptions. 

Hello Peter! So, a year at the National Trust – how’s it been?

Massively varied! And exciting. The beauty of working here is that, for someone who loves communications and PR, it is never one dimensional. One day, I could be sharing stories about a one-of-a-kind World War 1 plane and then next, showing off our pumpkin carving achievements. There’s always a story to be found here, in everything from cows to carpets!

Is it very different to what you were doing before you joined?

Before I came to the Trust, I was a full time music producer and DJ making electronic music. I toured extensively around the world, played at various festivals and produced music for commercial release and TV use (you might have heard my work on Countryfile or on CBBC).  As part of my history degree, I’d completed a journalism module and worked a lot with the media so I was keen to do something in the press office/communications space. And National Trust seemed like the perfect choice for a career change. I started off working in the regional Bristol hub supporting the South West Communications Consultant, before coming over to Tyntesfield.

What does your role involve?

Being responsible for communications at Tyntesfield is, as you can imagine, very diverse. I concentrate a lot on social media channels and building an engaged community on there. Our tone of voice can be quite tongue in cheek and through this, we’ve created a bit of a ‘Tyntesfield crew’ on social!  We work closely together as a Visitor Services team and if I think something happening here has big PR potential, I’ll work with the local Marketing Consultant to amplify the story.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love bringing the property to life, in a fun, light-hearted way. And helping to make Tyntesfield somewhere that people enjoy and want to come time and time again. We want people to have fun here! We recently had an expensive new carpet put into the house and we made a point of having signs that say ‘please do touch’ and putting pictures over social with captions like ‘feel free to roll around/body pop’. It created a lot of great chatter and conversation. It’s not about making Tyntesfield cool but making it more friendly. It doesn’t all have to be really serious!

Thanks, Peter!

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