Focus on Natasha Vicars - Programme Coordinator for The London Project

Published : Thu 10th Jan Author : National Trust

Hello, I am Natasha part of the National Trust’s London Project working as the Programme Coordinator since October 2012.

I’ve been involved in art project work for five and a half years now. I last worked freelance for Dartington Hall Trust on the RedBall UK project and immediately prior to that at Modern Art Oxford. I have also worked for Whitechapel Gallery and other arts organisations inLondon.

I have a passionate belief in the power of the arts to give people new perspectives, particularly about place. I have mostly worked on projects that bring art into new contexts and aim to change people’s experience of a specific place, sparking new ideas, understandings and connections.

I became interested in working for the National Trust when I realised that they were interested in bringing places to life in new and innovative ways rather than just being focused on conservation – and also that the National Trust was keen to loosen up and change its approach in order to reach a wider audience. I felt like these were changes that I could very much contribute to and support! I could also see real connections with my background with art projects and events that involve creative responses to ideas of place, and that seek to make connections between people and places. I am also attracted by the real challenges of promoting change within an organisation.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know the wonderful places that the Trust has around London and proposing new ideas and partnerships to help bring them to life – particularly for people in their 20s and 30s who might not think the Trust is for them. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues across London and the challenges of taking our many ideas about what to ‘put on’ and making them into a coherent and workable plan, that builds on the Trust’s existing work but also does something genuinely new and special!

If you’re thinking about working for the National Trust, I would say to put aside preconceptions and look at the actual events and initiatives taking place at the Trust and through its work with partners – including, of course, some of its innovative work in London.