Focus on Hajira, Care of Collections Trainee

Published : Thu 5th Jan Author : National Trust

Everyday this week I will be introducing one of the Care of Collections trainees. They say time flies when youre having a good time and how true that rings when barely six months ago i remember writing my first blog entry about being the newbie, meeting the house team and volunteers, my first walk around the property, coming up close and personal with the collections… trying to take in all the magic.I can never forget that day or any day thereafter! I am Hajira and I am a Care of Collections Trainee at Fenton House and 2 Willow Road…there i said it!

15th July 2011

Two weeks on and I am already part of the “family.” At a rapid speed I am learning the ropes at Fenton House andWillow Road. On my first day, the first hour, I am taken through what happens behind the scenes. On my second day we have two events: a musical concert and an evening garden picnic. Everyday is different and exciting, yet unpredictable. Everything has a story to tell: the house and the people (then and now) who lived in them, the collections, the volunteers, the visitors…and now I have a story to tell!

 31 July 2011

One month on and many of the vegetables from the garden allotment are ready for harvesting. Apples are rapidly ripening in time for Apple day and nostalgic rhubarb is running out.  Everyday I am learning more about the collection of collections: Benton Fletcher musical instuments, Peter Barkworth art collections, Lady Binnings porcelain and needlework collection. Today I learnt how to move the hands of time- winding the grandfather and grandmother clocks, delicately setting the pendulum swinging again. It was a full house at the second concert and I am anticipating the grand finale in August…Fenton House once again alive with the sweet sound of music.

10 August 2011

All hands on deck this week, as summer holidays are in full swing. I’m spending my first full week at the other property 2Willowrd. Oh what a contrast between Lady Binnings country house to Erno Goldfingers modernist pad…need to brush up on my modern art! Just spent two days on CMS 3 training so my heads still in computer mode, which just reminded me of all the things I need to do. List: need to update the inventory, need to do project proposal, need get on with the photography for the new live website to be launched soon…omg is that the time??? Need to refill the biscuit tin for tea breaks…need to go!

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