Eleanore Fraser: Assistant Rural Surveyor

Published : Mon 3rd Feb

How does the National Trust support you in your career as an Assistant Rural Surveyor?

I work alongside two Estate Managers who assist me in my training to become a chartered surveyor. The Trust holds several Continued Professional Development events throughout the year which have equipped me with the knowledge I need for my role and forthcoming qualification. Training courses and conferences are held both internally and externally and the Trust supports their employees with attendance to these events. I have had the opportunity to ‘learn on the job’ so have been engaging with tenants, properties and the public which has been both interesting engaging and has facilitated my training.

How do you feel your strengths are utilised in your role at the National Trust?

My friendly, approachable and professional manner has allowed me to form valuable relationships with both colleagues in the Trust, as well as our tenants and other stakeholders. Being a public facing organisation has meant I have been able to utilise these skills on a day to day basis during my time with the Trust and has helped me to further improve them.

What attracted you to working for the Trust?

Coming from a high pressure job working for a large company in London, I was looking for a role that would allow me to undertake my training to become a Chartered Surveyor whilst also doing something I enjoy and am passion about. The Trust’s focus on environmental issues and sustainable land management is what initially prompted me to apply for the role. The work the Trust does in terms of Estate Management is diverse, stimulating and undoubtedly something you would not be able to experience in private practice. Looking after our natural environment is more important now than ever and the opportunity to contribute towards this was an opportunity I could not miss out on.

How would you describe your role to someone thinking of joining the Trust?

If I had to describe my role in three words it would be diverse, interesting and challenging. I am constantly learning new things and working with individuals from different fields. Not only has it facilitated me in gaining more experience in estate management but it has given me the invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge in areas such as archaeology, conservation, planning and many more. Working for the Trust has allowed me to get involved in a wide array of projects and work ranging from negotiating with utilities companies, to agricultural and residential lettings, to cottage refurbishments. As the largest landowner in the UK, I cannot imagine being able to experience the variety and breadth of work that the Trust offers with any other organisation or company.

What inspires you to come to work everyday? / What does a typical day look like?

No two days are the same working for the Trust, something I find very motivating. Seeing the work that is undertaken and the projects completed through the support of us, the Estate Management team is truly inspiring. Whether it be meeting a Farm Tenant to walk an estate and discuss the day to day running of a farm or meetings with the property teams to discuss and put in place long term plans for farm land and buildings, my role is always exciting, continuously evolving and thoroughly enjoyable.