Educational fun and games at Ightham Mote

Published : Tue 30th Sep Author : Katie

I started at Ightham Mote, a medieval moated manor house, as an Intern with the education department in February. I originally approached them for volunteering work back in December as a great way to support my Masters course at university in Museums and Galleries in Education.

I helped the education department by running school activity days such as a World War II Home Front day, which was really fun, and a great excuse to dress up! I also helped out with family holiday events such as the Regency Day, as well as putting together various trails, and was lucky enough to receive some great oral history training from the British Library.

I’ve since been invited back to pick up the role of part-time Learning Coordinator at Ightham and am now in charge of taking school bookings, organising our educational offers, planning and delivering events, and generally making the place fun and accessible for children. At the moment, I’m organising ideas for the Halloween half term activities, as well as planning a habitats walk with one of our rangers for a school. It’s a step up from the internship and is great fun, and I’m super grateful for the opportunity.

My confidence has really grown in this role as I’m working with a wide range of people, and have the best team of volunteers any heritage/museum educator could hope for. Inspiring people, playing with glitter glue and getting muddy regularly are the three big reasons I love my job here.

Katie Perfect is a part-time Learning Coordinator at Ightham Mote. If you think you'd enjoy a job like Katie's, browse our latest vacancies.