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Published : Fri 9th Jan Author : Claire

I’m Claire and a consultant for digital marketing in the South West. My role covers a pretty big part of the country – from Land’s End to Poole and as far north as the Cotswolds – and I set the direction for digital campaigns across the region as well as looking being called on for advice from over 150 places and properties. One day I might be giving training on social media to a team from Devon, the next I could be in Dorset meeting about a national press event, and then I could be in Bristol brainstorming ideas for raising money to look after the South West coast.

I’ve worked in marketing for six years now, I started as an intern with a contemporary art gallery and arts marketing agency. They gave me a taste for how fun and creative the job can be. I’ve only been at the National Trust for five months, so I’m still a newbie (some people in my team have been at the Trust for 16 years, 26 years – and that’s not uncommon!). It’s a brilliant place to work. People really care about their job and it’s a great feeling, being part of such a caring team. Plus it’s nice to have the odd benefit – including money off cake in the café!

I love working for something I care about and working at the National Trust is such a unique position to be in. It’s all about caring for special places. We inspire people to volunteer, donate and visit. And I get to work from beautiful houses – aesthetic and beauty are important to me and being surrounded by breath-taking visual landscapes is an inspiring way to work.

I took the job because I was so impressed by the possibilities for digital marketing at the Trust, particularly in supporting the overriding aims and objectives of the National Trust. It’s really important that the organisation works as a whole, and that marketing aims fully support the National Trust’s overall aims and what we’re looking to focus on for 2015 is the same as other departments.

I’ve had some great feedback on my digital plan and direction for the region’s digital marketing for the next three years and we’re right at the beginning of putting that plan into action now. We’ve lots more digital plans coming for 2015 and beyond. We’ll be using new software which will allow us to be much for personal with our marketing – so look out for lots of wonderful stories appearing on our website and blogs, we’ll be focusing on the heart of what we do and sharing those with people.

People who would thrive in a marketing role at the Trust would be those who enjoy meeting new people and getting to know new places. They need to spark from others, be highly creative and enjoy thinking up brilliant solutions – plus have a streak of the analytical, organised and thoughtful about them. Above all, they’ll be someone who cares about the cause behind the National Trust.

Claire is Digital and Social Media Consultant for National Trust South West.

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