20 things we learnt at Countryfile Live

Published : Thu 25th Aug Author : The National Trust Jobs team

The first ever Countryfile Live event was held in the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace in August, and we were lucky enough to be invited along!

As main partner of the four-day event, National Trust celebrated all things outdoorsy with our very own area, including a #50things to do before you’re 11¾ woodland area, a theatre hosting talks and debates with some of the biggest names in the business, and a cookery demonstration stage.

Here are 20 things the National Trust Jobs team learnt at Countryfile Live:

  1. Blenheim Palace is not only a magnificent property, its grounds are extremely vast - thank goodness for comfy shoes!
  2. Hill rolling is harder than it looks
  3. Talking to people about why it’s so great to work for the Trust isn’t very hard 
  4. Everyone loves a giant deckchair (even Anita Rani)
  5. Boots were a bad idea, it was trainers and flip flops for the rest of the weekend
  6. It is essential everyone has a cup of tea in hand before a morning briefing takes place
  7. Ray Mears really knows how to build an epic den
  8. Spaniels are definitely our dog of choice – we counted at least six owned by National Trust staff and volunteers – Other dog breeds are available.

    Volunteer petting a spaniel

  9. There is an urban myth that we’re run by volunteers and no one gets paid – we busted that quite a few times! As well as a whole host of amazing volunteers, we have around 10,000 members of staff keeping our special places special
  10. Mud pies are great fun whatever your age but can get pretty messy

    Volunteers playing in the mud pie pit

  11. Sand sculptors always bring a water supply with them – phew!
  12. Goodie bags are very popular - we gave away 500 over four days
  13. The Sandpit was almost as popular with the resourcing team as it was with children
  14. Ray Mears was so popular; people were queuing outside the National Trust Theatre to catch a glimpse!
  15. The person in charge of keeping the break area clean is your new best friend (they have sweets!)
  16. When 4G goes down, our social media gurus can be found in the sandpit  
  17. Free scones from the Catering demonstrations do not last very long!
  18. We’re working very closely with our tenant farmers to make sure what we’re doing is sustainable and kind to nature
  19. Our work at Countryfile Live was mostly made up of: playing in the sand, making mud pies, cuddling dogs, talking to everyone about everything National Trust, constructing dens, eating scones, taking pictures, rolling down hills and climbing trees...
  20. Above all else, we learnt that everyone who works here really does love their National Trust job!

You can see what we got up to by searching #NatTrustJobsLive on Twitter. If we’ve convinced you that National Trust is the workplace of your dreams, take a look at our current vacancies and apply.