Join the Family

Published : Fri 21st Sep

It’s 9.35am on the first day of my new job as a Resourcing Specialist at the National Trust and I’m late!  I’m on my way to a three day training course; I’m full of nerves and on the phone to my husband who is desperately trying to direct me and prevent me from going into a full meltdown. I eventually arrive nearly 15 minutes late, obviously flustered and very red in the face.  I’m greeted by Ian my new boss who reassures me, makes me a cup of tea – what doesn’t that solve - and ushers me in to meet my new team. And what a team they were!

That was nearly four years ago and I can honestly say every day since (ok….almost every day) has been a blast. I genuinely love my job and the team I work with. We support, challenge and poke fun at each other whilst delivering an exceptional service to a fantastic organisation. I’ve had some amazing opportunities during my time with the Trust and as a team we’ve delivered some revolutionary pieces of work. We’ve implemented a wholesale update of our internal systems, increased our brand presence, stabilised our seasonal workforce, increased manager capability and now we’re trailblazing new and inclusive approaches to recruitment.