We are very proud to present our new recruitment website

Published : Fri 30th Mar

With much anticipation and excitement we finally unveiled our new careers website this week. Taking our visitors on an inspiring journey, it’s bold, bright and exciting, just like us. So why did we do it? Well, the thinking behind our new site is a lot more than simply creating a beautiful piece of work. We wanted to improve our behind-the-scenes technology – the bit where you click through to find and apply for jobs – and make our candidate experience even better.

We’re aware that since we’ve introduced the new search and application platform there have been some concerns raised about how it works, looks and feels. We really appreciate the feedback we’ve received so far as your thoughts and opinions really matter to us.

Before we made the switch to our brand new system, we made sure that every single job advertised on the old system closed on the date the old site was turned off – at midnight on 23rd March. We did this so there wouldn’t be any half-finished or lost applications. We let everyone who had previously registered or had used their account from 1st January 2012 – a whopping 14,000 people – know what we were up to and told them about the changes we were making to improve our systems and processes, inviting them to re-register.

And there’s no need to worry. If you applied via the old site, our managers have hold of your applications from before the switchover date and managers are still able to shortlist and invite candidates to interview using these previously submitted details.

Our new and improved system will mean that every candidate can set up an individual account to help manage and keep up-to-date with the progress of their applications, from submission to job offer. And once registered, it’ll be super quick and easy to apply for another role because we have all your details already. The system will even build you your very own CV if you don’t already have one! So if you’re keen to apply for our new or future roles, all you need to do is register your details and you’ll hear all about the opportunities that come up in your area of interest. Simple as that.

As with any new system, our new website seems to be suffering from a few behind-the-scenes technical problems. We’re working hard to fix these and, so that we know where the site isn’t working properly, we’d really appreciate your help. If you’re having problems finding or applying for a job, if an Error Message pops up, it’d be really helpful if you could take a screen grab of the page and let us know the time, date, type of machine you’re using (PC, Mac or mobile device), the operating system (IOS or Windows) and, ideally, the web browser you’re using.

We’re doing all we can to fix the problems and make sure that our website is as user-friendly as it can be and that everyone enjoys a great digital experience. With your help, we’ll soon iron out these teething problems. If you could email your screen grabs, along with any other feedback you have, to recruitmentenquiries@nationaltrust.org.uk that would be a huge help. Thanks again.

National Trust Recruitment Team