A working culture with passion and commitment like nowhere else

Published : Tue 24th May Author : Lucy Inskip, Head of Supporter Loyalty

From commercial to charitable

After 20 years in commercial organisations working to grow shareholder income for big banks and corporations, I reached the point where I wanted to be sure that I’d done something meaningful whilst on this planet. I’m not a doctor or a scientist and, as a marketer, I felt the best option for me was to move to the charity sector. I saw the Membership and Loyalty role being advertised at the National Trust in August 2012 and I distinctly remember feeling like it was calling me. Working to preserve our national heritage by keeping the most amazing, inspiring places open and accessible – including rare architecture, breath taking views and stunning gardens – now that was something I could really buy into. 

Loyalty is crucial to our cause

I’d worked largely in loyalty, consumer marketing and CRM roles before, delivering global strategies. But nothing compares to the sheer breadth and importance of the work we do here. Our members are the lifeblood of the National Trust. Without their support and commitment to what we’re trying to achieve, we would not be able to look after everywhere that we do. On top of the hundreds of country houses and historic buildings that we’re known for, we look after 775 miles of coastline, 61 pubs, 411 holiday cottages and have over a million precious items in our care. It’s our goal to connect the nation with special places and build lifetime relationships with members and supporters. This enables us to protect places well into the future so that everyone – now and for generations to come – can share the joy and experiences that they offer.

We listen carefully, we do things differently

Engaging supporters and growing support is a key part of our organisational strategy. We want to encourage members to get more involved in what we do and bring them closer to our core purpose. So when it comes to membership loyalty and retention, we don’t just follow the typical path. The work we do in this area is really varied – from improving our communications with members when we ask them to renew, to working with internal consultants and property teams to help enhance the members’ experience.  We’re currently in the process of implementing a new way of communicating – through supporter journeys and developing an exciting range of experiences for members at our places.  It definitely keeps my role varied! One day, I can be presenting to internal stakeholders and getting their views on a proposal and the next, I could be making decisions on our retention and loyalty activity in conjunction with marketing, data and insight teams.

Enjoyable and important, it’s very special

The National Trust provides the nation with inspiring and refreshing experiences, and quality time with their loved ones. As members tell us, it’s a great antidote to the increasingly busy lives of today.  In turn, members’ financial support helps us to keep our work going for future generations. It’s a virtuous circle. And that makes the role of strengthening member relationships and building advocacy hugely satisfying. Along with the challenging work and the great brand, it’s the people who really make this organisation special. A cause like ours attracts people with a desire to spend their working life doing something worthwhile and who demonstrate a level of passion and commitment that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. It makes coming to work every day enjoyable and, right now, I’m looking for more passionate team players to join us in some key roles and continue to enhance membership loyalty and retention by building valuable emotional connections with members.

Inspired by Lucy’s story? Passionate, proactive and ready to grow longstanding, relationships with members who love special places as much as you do? Take a look at our Loyalty Manager, Retention Manager and Project Manager roles in the Loyalty and Retention team.