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Every garden is a story. This is your chance to tell it.

When people think of the National Trust they often think of our heritage. But most people don’t realise how much innovation it takes to make heritage last. Our gardeners do. Because they’re the ones driving it. That’s where you come in. Some of our gardens have hundreds of years of history, and we’re looking for the people who want to shape the next hundred.

We hire gardeners with all levels of experience to join our 700-strong team looking after some of Britain’s’ most-loved places. Our gardens vary from the world famous to lesser known but highly cherished. But each one has its own story and you’ll help tell the next chapter of yours to some of the 24 million visitors we receive every year.

This is your chance to work on gardens that are seen and loved. You’ll be supported by a community of colleagues and have the responsibility, training and opportunities to cultivate your craft. You’ll draw on the up to 500 years of horticultural technique, and the latest innovations and thinking, to do work you’re truly proud of.

Come and see where you could take our gardens, and where they could take you. Come and write the next chapter.

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities across our gardens and parklands, including Gardens Consultant, Gardens and Outdoors Manager, Head Gardener, Senior Gardener and Gardener.

Head Gardener

As a skilled horticulturalist with good plant knowledge and leadership skills, you’ll manage a team of gardening staff and volunteers to care for at least one garden, making sure it has a strong spirit of place and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. 


Working within a team of gardening staff and volunteers, you’ll usually be responsible for the presentation of at least one area of a garden, whilst having the opportunity to build a wide range of new skills, supported by your colleagues. 

Garden Consultant

As an experienced horticulturalist who is passionate about historic gardens, you’ll support multiple gardens and parks in one region, advising on horticultural best practice, plant collections care, design, research and management.

Gardening people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Gardens Consultant

    I’ve worked in horticulture for 30 years, including a spell as a National Trust Head Gardener, and have developed many skills that I can now use to support other gardeners. A brilliant aspect of my work is the diversity of experience it provides, whether I’m helping with planting schemes, development projects, recruitment, conservation, engagement, plant health or compost bays, it’s all challenging and hugely rewarding. I also really enjoy having the opportunity to connect with so many incredible places and the people who care for them.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    I work as a propagator for the Plant Conservation Centre where we propagate rare and important plants to help conserve our living collections. I’ve also worked as a Gardener and Senior Gardener for the National Trust. Every day is different and varied which has helped me develop a wide range of skills. I love working for an organisation which embodies my ethics and is working towards positive change in so many areas. I feel privileged to be able to work in and with nature and to be able to help preserve so many beautiful and important landscapes. 

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Senior Gardener

    I love working for the National Trust because I get to spend each day at a really special place, and work alongside talented, knowledgeable, committed and friendly people. I enjoy using a combination of technical skills, knowledge and creativity to help conserve these places, for everyone. I can see the impact I have each day, and it’s rewarding to hear from visitors how they have enjoyed and connected with the garden. There are lots of opportunities to make a difference for both present and future generations.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    I’ve worked for the National Trust for 16 years and enjoy being creative in an outdoor environment, especially fruit tree training and topiary. I’ve benefitted from the National Trust’s training programmes, which includes visiting many other gardens. I enjoy interacting with the public about the work I’m doing and the property I work at, as well as seeing others appreciate the work we do, and sharing my knowledge with our volunteers. I love the sense of community and feel proud to work for an organisation which aligns with my values and invests in conservation.

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