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We look after more land than any other private landowner: everything from coastline and clifftops, to woodland and wildlife rich meadows, as well as over 4,500 residential, commercial and farm tenancies. So as you can imagine, Estate Management in the National Trust is a vast and vital area of our work. It always has been and always will be.

For us, it’s never just been about the here-and-now. We protect and open up special places and spaces so they can be enjoyed by everyone, for ever. That’s been our core purpose since the day we were founded in 1895, and the 21st century brings new challenges for us to rise to. How do we continue to manage estates and rural assets with such diverse conservational needs? How do we look after landscapes that are pride of the nation, while raising the funds which support our conservation work? How can we ensure we pay the same care and attention to each of our tenancies? Estate Management is at the heart of the National Trust’s ambition for nature, people and climate. 

We’ve achieved some amazing things over the years, and with ever-evolving needs, it’s crucial that we continue to be innovative and forward-thinking in our approach. That’s why we need the very best talent to join us in Estate and Rural Asset Management.

We’ve recently changed the way we manage our let estate in the National Trust, transferring responsibility to our estate management teams. You’ll be part of a team of experts leading transformation across our estates within a new funding model. Together, you’ll shape the future of the National Trust and all the property it owns and protects.

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities in our Estate Management teams, located in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These include Estate Manager, Rural Asset Manager and Estate Management Officer, Buildings Supervisors, Lettings Officers – and that’s just to name a few.

Estate Manager

You’ll make a real difference to the long-term wellbeing of our land as you lead and deliver our modern progressive land management approach.

Senior Rural Asset Manager

In this role, you’ll work with an incredibly wide range of assets across the country to ensure that they’re being used effectively, both today and in the future.

Estate Management Officer

From updating property records to communicating with tenants, you’ll provide a variety of support that will help us to work smarter, and improve the future of our land and buildings.

Building Supervisor

You’ll directly support the care of our residential let estate, managing work and instructing contractors. You’ll work closely with our tenant repair line to ensure our tenants receive the best service possible.

Lettings Officer

Being a good landlord is about finding the best people for our places and providing the best service for our tenants. Together with your team, you’ll be involved in marketing, managing and looking after our portfolio of residential properties.

Estate Management people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Senior Estate Manager

    The National Trust is a friendly and engaging organisation that has recognised and embraced the importance that land has to people and its role in tackling environmental challenges. Estate managers and the wider let estate teams play a key role in identifying and delivering these outcomes.

    The let estate teams are well structured and resourced, enabling us to effectively deliver professional estate management for the residential, agricultural and commercial properties within the National Trust.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Rural Asset Management Officer

    In the short space of time I’ve been working in the Rural Asset Management Officer role, I’ve learnt so much and got to work with some great people. Being involved in some of the big, planned refurbishment projects is amazing. The ability to take ownership and responsibility for tasks and seeing them come to fruition makes you take pride in your work and is a great feeling. One only matched by the ability to work in such beautiful countryside surroundings. 

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Senior Let Estate Building Surveyor

    I really enjoy playing my part in the estate management team, looking after the amazing buildings within the let estate. The challenge of balancing conservation and tenants’ needs is incredibly rewarding.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Lettings Officer

    I have to say that I truly love working for the Trust, as no two days are ever the same. I work alongside a fantastic team of people to support the let estate. We help to provide a great service to our tenants, so that they can enjoy living in some truly unique places.

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