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Help put inspirational curatorship at the heart of the way in which we look after and interpret our places

At the Trust we invite our audience to understand and connect with each of our inspirational places. We share the whole picture – from houses and collections to gardens and landscapes - and we look after and celebrate their distinctive spirit of place. We encourage our visitors to recognise how our places can be relevant to today’s world – and it is our ambition to enlighten and inspire people, helping everyone to value and appreciate the fragility of our environment and the importance of our history.

We’re also aspiring to be world-class in our curatorship of places. Grounded in exemplary care, contemporary research and beautiful presentation, our curatorship will reveal the stories of our places through innovative interpretation to ever-broader audiences, encouraging people to support our cause. To deliver this ambition we’re transforming curatorship at the Trust. We’re striving to make what we do, what we believe in and the places we care for ever more relevant to people of all ages. We need experienced, energetic and passionate Curators who not only share our love of special places, but also bring understanding, expertise and the right skills to deliver our strategic ambition to move, teach and inspire our audiences.

It’s an exciting time to join our charity. We’re doubling the number of our curatorial staff from 36 to around 65 full-time staff over the next two years. Starting with our campaign in April '17 to recruit Curators across each region/country. These changes mean that the Trust is committed to investing more in curatorial excellence than at any time in its history

John Orna-Ornstein, Director of Curation

Typical roles

We have a variety of opportunities for dynamic and inspirational Curators to help us look after a range of sites and to lead in uncovering and sharing their wider context, meaning and relevance. We are looking for excellent communicators and collaborators to deliver our ambition to reveal the stories that make our properties special.

Lead Curator

From landscapes, parks and gardens to historic houses and collections, as Lead Curator, you’ll set the direction for curatorship across a region, lead the professional development of the local curatorial team and use your own expertise to transform the way we engage with our audiences.


As Curator, you will support a portfolio of properties, working with a diverse range of specialists and operational teams to develop understanding and care for our collections. You will also play a key role in enabling innovative presentation, programming and interpretation, building strong emotional engagement with our audiences.

Assistant Curator

As Assistant Curator, you will be provided with a three year training programme to develop your curatorial skills and experience across a range of sites and with a variety of colleagues. This traineeship will provide you with all the tools and skills needed to work in the curatorship of places.

Our curators

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Director of Curation and Experience

    We are looking for curators who marry strong knowledge relevant to our special places and collections with an absolute passion for the experience of visitors. The Trust is ambitious for its curatorial work; we welcome applications from people who are as excited about the role that curators can play in telling stories that excite and inspire as we are. You’ll be joining a cohort of new and existing curators that are at the heart of the National Trust’s plans for the future.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Curatorial and Collection Director

    We are continuing to invest in our curatorial team and we are looking for curators who want to help increase our understanding about their significance, share knowledge about our collections as widely as possible and to excite and inspire new audiences throughout outstanding interpretation.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    Being a National Trust Curator is completely different to any other organisation; ours are living, evolving places.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    Curators here are about discovering and sharing the distinctiveness of places – it’s all about finding the stories and details that make our places so special.

  • Volunteer Margaret



    The best thing is the privilege of knowing that we are caring for the places where history happened which brings a real truth in what we do.

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