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We were born in 1895 with the aim of opening up and protecting the beautiful places that people love and enjoy. Centuries on and our commitment to conservation has never been stronger.

As Europe’s largest conservation charity, we look after everything from coastlines, castles, country houses and cottages to farmlands, forests, entire villages, bats and butterflies. We do it all to make sure that their special qualities are enjoyed and enhanced for everyone, for ever. Our work ranges from £multi-million redevelopment projects to historic fashion revivals in our new Conservation Textile Studio. And we’ve recently invested record sums into repairing, improving and protecting special places from the threats of today. What does that mean for your career? A breadth and quality of conservation work like nowhere else in the country.

Conservation is a critical part of our strategy and everything that we do. We are not a ‘look but don’t touch’ museum – we want people to explore, experience and understand our work and here, you’ll help to bring the unique spirt of places and spaces to life. The rapid pace of social, economic and environmental change presents both threats and opportunities and we’re working hard to manage that. So, we’re investing in new ways that we can use our natural resources to be more sustainable and working closely with some very exciting partners. It’s a really special time for conservation at the National Trust and a truly fascinating time to join us. 

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities in Conservation across our special places, regional and central offices and outdoor spaces. These include Conservation Core Data Lead, Conservation Information Manager, Conservation Insights Lead, Head of Collections Management, Historic Environment Director, Rural Enterprise Director, Conservation Data Manager, Conservator – and that’s just to name a few.

House Steward

Balancing conservation with visitor engagement, you’ll play a vital part in caring for our precious properties and bringing their stories to life. 


You’ll provide specialist support and expertise across the interpretation, presentation and curatorial care of our special places and spaces. 

House and Collections Manager

Delighting and inspiring our visitors as soon as they walk through the door, you’ll ensure our properties are beautifully cared for and bring historic collections to life.

Conservation people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Consultancy Manager / Lead Rural Surveyor

    It’s fantastic to be part of an organisation with such a strong mission, and work with some of the most incredible conservation assets and treasures this country has to offer. The National Trust is essentially a highly motivated group of conservation enthusiasts working hard to look after our heritage and provide people with spiritual and physical refreshment; you couldn’t find a better place to work.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Head of Conservation Information

    My role is unique in the fact that I’m able to cover a wide span of all different areas of conservation. And as someone who enjoys all the countryside the UK has to offer, working for the Trust really makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

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