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Iconic places deserve iconic products. And, recently redefined, our approach to retail and product offering has never looked better. We have plenty in store for your career too.

Gone are the days of retail at the National Trust just being gift shops filled with tea towels and mugs. Today, we’re a £multi-million retail chain with over 260 stores in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a fast-growing ecommerce operation. We’ve transformed how we do retail, reshaping product ranges and refining processes to make things as effective and efficient as possible. For us, it’s about bringing the spirit of our places and brand to life through our products. It’s a time of exciting change and great opportunity for retail professionals joining us. 

Across homewares, food, outdoors, accessories, books, artisan and craft, our product ranges are expanding every single day – from pressed craft cider and chutneys to geometric home furnishings designed by local craftspeople. As you can imagine, what our customers want to buy on a Cornish clifftop often differs from what people might be browsing for in a Central London modernist house. But as all profit goes back into our work, it’s crucial that we’re getting the right products on the right shelves at the right time. Whether you’re a merchandiser or buyer, a commercially minded manager or a retail assistant, you’ll play an important part in making sure we’re smashing sales targets, generating profit and most importantly, delighting our customers. In return, we’ll give you the chance to be creative and the support to build a brilliant career.


Beautiful places and special experiences

Wherever you join us in retail, you’ll be part of a wider team helping to create meaningful experiences. Every time a visitor steps through our doors, we’re here to listen and help. Whether you’re working with local suppliers or offering a sustainable product range, there’s a strong connection between the work that you do and the ongoing conservation work of the organisation. Take a look at this short video to discover how Gail, Hazel, Paul and Georgina feel about being part of our retail teams, and what they enjoy the most about working at the National Trust.

Typical roles

We have lots of different opportunities in Retail across our special places, regional and central offices. These include Assistant Retail Manager, Retail Supervisor, Merchandising Planning Assistant, Supplier Chain Manager, Retail Designer, Assistant Merchandiser, Retail Allocator – and that’s just to name a few.

Retail Assistant

Providing our customers with a friendly welcome and a point in the right direction, your consistently high levels of customer service will make sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and a treat in their bag.

Retail Manager

You’ll manage a successful retail operation and work with Buyers and Merchandisers to make sure your store is exceeding our customer’s expectations and enhancing our commercial success.

Retail Buyer

You’ll shape and own the buying strategy for dedicated product categories in a buying role like no other, creating desirable, competitive product ranges that fly off the shelves.

Retail people

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Assistant Merchandiser

    The Trust’s retail profile has been raised massively over the past couple of years, and I feel incredibly proud to be part of that team helping to achieve strong growth, year upon year.

  • Volunteer Margaret


    Retail Manager

    I love the diversity in my role, and it’s great to meet other managers and share best practice. I’m also given a lot more responsibility than I’d find in a high-street role; I’m able to make high level decisions for the shop’s future and I really feel like my voice is being heard.

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