It’s an incredibly exciting time to work in Brand and Marketing at the National Trust.

Published : Tue 26th Apr Author : Melanie Nursaw

The way we do things within the in-house Brand and Marketing agency is changing considerably, with big opportunities for innovation and creativity. There’s such a variety of work happening throughout the agency and fresh new ideas are greatly encouraged, all of which make it an incredibly exciting time to be here.

Empowered to make a hugely valuable impact

What I love most about the culture is the sense of empowerment. We have a real opportunity to influence what we do and the way we do things, which I find hugely motivating. I’m doing the type of work I enjoy while contributing to an important cause. My role in the team is marketing lead for membership recruitment – one of our biggest contributors of income to the organisation. The fees from our members go directly towards helping keep our places special so it makes me proud to know the work I’m doing has such a positive impact.

Variety and big opportunities on the horizon

The National Trust is incredibly diverse and there are lots of opportunities to develop in a number of areas across the organisation, working with individuals who are brilliant at what they do and very passionate about their work. I recently led on a pilot which looked at how we can increase the visibility and relevance of our cause through visitor experience. It was such a fantastic project to be involved in as it touched so many different areas of the organisation, both locally and centrally. It’s also delivered some really insightful learnings which will help us achieve our long term strategy.

I’ve long admired what the Trust does and I think it’s a massively exciting time to work in the Brand and Marketing team. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes unfold and being part of the journey.

Melanie Nursaw, Membership Recruitment

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