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Once upon a time, in this very room…

…Pete enchanted his young audience with a magical tale of real-life princesses and fast-asleep guests.

National Trust Jobs

Look. Do touch.

As Europe’s largest conservation organisation, we’re working hard to help everyone get more hands-on with history and heritage.

National Trust Jobs

Acres away from your typical 9–5.

With regional offices across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, we’ve just the job for you. (And yes, the grass is greener.)

National Trust Jobs

Look, another imagination captured.

The great outdoors has the power to take the breath away. You’ll help to make sure it stays that way.

National Trust Jobs

11 million customers come dine with us…

…and we’re as passionate about our Catering careers as we are our food.

National Trust Jobs

Show and tell? Share and inspire.

Your stories will leave lasting memories, and you’ll help to make sure that our visitors can’t wait to come back.

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Special places don't stay special on their own. Our dedicated teams make sure every one of our millions of visitors is having a great time, every time.

"Laugh all you like but if I sit still I can pick up all satellite channels for free!" Caption winner, @Simeytuba

5 February 2016

Everything you need to enjoy a day in the rain: wellies, a mac and a smile #NationalDoodleDay

5 February 2016

We've got some big plans ahead for Emmetts Garden & we need someone to help us take on the challenge #gardeningjobs

5 February 2016

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There's no other organisation like the National Trust. No other organisation that brings such an incredible array of places and spaces to life.

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Do great things for us and we'll do great things for you and your career. Whether that is more training, support or professional development, we’ll do what we can to make it happen.