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Our ever-changing world

Our ever-changing world

I arrived early at Baddesley Clinton and I had the rare opportunity to see the house apparently float on top of a bed of mist that was rising from the moat. It was one of those slightly magical – how lucky am I – moments, but also a moment of reflection. It is nearly nine years since I last visited the property for my interview to join the Trust. It caused me to take a moment to think about what has changed and what has not. Thankfully, virtually nothing had changed to the exterior of the house. If conservation work has taken place – it has been of the best type because I was not aware of it. The interior though had changed a lot. My memory of it was definitely of a dark (slightly dull) precious place that guided me through ropes and barriers with several awkward log-jams of visitors.[...] read more

My traineeship was the best year of my life!

I decided it was time for a change of career and it wasn’t long before I stumbled across the advert for National Trust Your Future Your Hands traineeship in House and Collections. It sounded really interesting and I’ve always had a love for heritage, so I applied for the Taster[...] read more

Passports to a brighter future

I’ve always loved the outdoors and the environment, always enjoyed history and heritage. My professional background was teaching about the natural world and history in the outdoors, conceiving and delivering environmental projects, but also working with diverse groups , so when this job popped up, I had to apply. It[...] read more