Rangers Outdoors in Teneriffe

Published : Wed 10th Oct Author : National Trust

Rangers and colleagues from Cornwall gather at an outdoors conference based on the Lizard peninsula.

More than 50 Cornwall Rangers and National Trust colleagues gathered for a two day conference to look at successes and examples which deliver the Getting Outdoors and Closer to Nature programme. The opening speakers including David Bullock (NT), Mark Avery (ex RSPB) and Simon Pryor (NT) gave illuminating and challenging talks on Nature Conservation and the Outdoors programme.

The first site visits allowed delegates to get their socks off and explore the Barefoot trail of Godolphin and the Hidden History Trail. Penrose also hosted one group to look at how to encourage people to enjoy the property in different ways including increasing access, providing a green gym and opening a walled garden.

Delegates camped overnight at the newly acquired Teneriffe Farm on the Lizard and took the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts over a barbecue which included burgers and sausages made from the Trust's own Dexter cattle.

The second day explored the landscape scale project 'Linking the Lizard', a fantastic example showing how nature conservation, partnership working and community engagement can work together. The whole conference was rounded off with the opportunity to try one of the outdoor activities being provided by the ambassador business 'Lizard Adventure'.

People left for home high on enthusiasm keen to continue delivering high quality activities and nature conservation that benefit the Outdoors programme.