It's all in a day's work for our Head Ranger on the Farne Islands

Published : Fri 26th Oct Author : National Trust

A pair of grey seal pups born on the Farne Islands may prove to be twins.
Twin seal pups / David Steel
On 23 October, two grey seal pups were born on Brownsman Island in the Farne Islands. This event may prove to be the first ever confirmed twin birth of seal pups within the species.
Both pups were born on a secluded beach on the islands with one mother in attendance, and that remains the case.

David Steel, our head ranger on the Farnes said: "The ranger team are monitoring the situation, and are gearing up to take some DNA tests to confirm it's true - but circumstantial evidence suggests they are twins."
The Farne Island are home to a large grey seal colony, with more than 1,000 pups born every autumn. They're also possibly the most exciting seabird colony in England, with unrivalled views of 23 species, including around 37,000 pairs of puffin.